Thursday, August 5, 2010

Star Computer Communication R & D team disbanded Star Computer collapsed over difficult

Cry, cry, Shida in shouting. After a period of silence, Star Computer has heard rumors of R & D team disbanded. And the rumors, does not seem to be groundless, so difficult that there are hidden inside information Shida was exposed for? The Shida to rumors from the reality, or from rumor to reality ......

Prior informed sources reported that, Star Computer has started internal financial staff severance pay plan, that is, PC and peripherals market in China, many ups and downs of the Star Computer may formally withdraw from the Chinese market.

Shida's flow?
For the recent sale of the He Fangcheng Shida peripherals industry focus, Shida was close watch on every move of every personnel flows have become key to the fate of Star Computer.

According to people familiar with Baoliao, Shida's team has to work at the headquarters in Shenzhen TCL, TCL, but not the production of the product, but the Star Computer. If Star Computer are really TCL "contract manufacturing", then the fact already stated Shida personnel in mobile, Star Computer R & D team that dissolution is not far-fetched.

Money from the people who go to "flat" space
Star Computer operating loss occurs continuously, this is not speculation, in the case of such a big loss, the biggest worry of investors and lenders. Shida out a number of business suspension orders, credit banks also began to demand early repayment Shida, probably because the body can not see more in the Shida insurance. Star Computer has had serious losses, and has appeared in many banks loans overdue phenomenon, this year, Societe Generale is also asked the court for banks to preserve the Star Computer Jiazhi 18 million yuan of assets. Partial night rain was leaking in the loss of the most difficult period of lack of money, the banks have to recover the loan ahead of schedule, Shida, more difficult.

It is understood that the subsidiary company also guarantees total 583 million yuan. The deadline to September 30, 2004, Shida Group was only 509.94 million yuan net assets, liabilities 1,463,260,000 yuan. As of the end of 2004, the company's external debt totaled 702 million yuan as much as large. Over the same period, the company's external guarantees totaling up to 899 million yuan, is the end of 2004, net assets of 2.07 times. As of June, overdue amount and overdue loan guarantees totaling 330 million yuan.

The face of financial difficulties, old debt accumulation, new debt continued, it has been difficult to Shida to watch to Italy has decided. Star Computer can not avoid the dissolution of its R & D team, said.

Unemployed can be difficult to break camp collapsed
As Shida also try to take the diversity in the expansion of its business areas, Shida difficult to keep up with the internal management of the pace of expansion, the original management style and new contradictions between the demands of business. In fact, over the years Shida trying to achieve cross-enterprise diversification, but a lot of business not only failed to bring benefits to the Shida, Shida also seized a large part of resources, but step by step to Shida fall, but the more the more trapped deep.

Shida Group for more than 80% of the profits have been contributed by Shida peripherals. Currently, the Group has been a profit-maker of the Shida Shida peripherals, its performance is also a serious recession, the last two years net profit decline was over 50%, the current group has been unable to Shida Shida any resources to support peripherals. Shida want to sell more peripherals are nothing new, as Shida Shida computer peripherals and is a strong support base Shida Group, now the one hand, to Shida Shida Group peripherals sold, the other real Computers are also due to get out of the loss up to the quagmire of the imminent dissolution of the fate. Shida only two major PC and peripherals business, and if the PC to the dissolution, peripherals sold, then Shida it has not been the main industry can camp, and Shida will become an empty shell. One into the water, a few mouthfuls of water in the bucket, and always will be the water dry.

Shida Group's debt problem has not happen overnight, over the years, repeatedly failed to stay positive, and it can be said Shida back now no turning back, into power, and Shida do? Shida several years after the storms, in big capital Fangsheng Bang blood, the Shida already have to do is light the edge of dry oil.

Shida computer probably can no longer prop up the brand value, Shida has been change, and diversity, not in the transformation of its growth, but change gradually die out.

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