Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Never fight a battle unprepared

From a strategic perspective, stability and development is the core objective of enterprise search. In this case, we see no development, but M & crazy; is not stable, but the management of post-merger turmoil. At this point, whether investors or management, time, and unfortunately few options.

"Merger integration than the Hollywood stars failure rate higher." In terms of process, a strategy for the implementation of mergers and acquisitions than any other is more complex and more challenging. M & A process can be divided into: M & selection, implementation and M & M after the three stages of integration. Any link problems to the acquisition strategy will bring disastrous consequences. Case problems mainly in the implementation and M & M integrated part of the manager wrong and hasty to judge how hard to understand the action.

First, the wrong understanding of acquisition strategy led to the wrong action. Managers believe that "Speed is everything on the Chinese media" is the key to successful implementation of M & A strategy. Under the guidance in this sense, there has been "two or three days to acquire a business," the mad actions, also have 5 times higher than the rival bid sky-high price. At this point, managers have fallen into the trap of their own M & weaving. In this trap, the acquisition became a snowball game. Managers naively believe that money can buy certain assets to create greater profits and buy more you reward. The fact far from it.

Second, the integrated management system occurred during the collapse. Such systemic problems is to implement the acquisition manager's nightmare. Everyone expected after a merger or synthetic additive effect, but without a proper understanding of and active preparation, post-merger integration of mergers and acquisitions often become the greatest obstacle to success.

M & A integration, it is usually to consider financial, strategic and cultural, operational and management aspects elements. First, financial integration, participation in professional organizations, on the acquisition of assets, inventory, the default standard prior to the acquisition of an amendment, and feedback to management and investors the true information so that to make further decisions. Second, the integration of strategy and culture, this is the direction of uniform development of new and old companies work with all levels of thinking is the basis for follow-up integration.

Is the most complex aspects of the operation and management of the integration. Chinese media, there are two outstanding issues, one in operation, the M & A after the resources have not been integrated into "total sales platform" on; Second, in management, sales incentives and the stability of the management team there have been significant problem. It is these two issues led directly to Chinese media Embarrassment of the current situation.

The face of current difficulties, whether to do anything then? In my opinion, to change the status quo, to reverse the unfavorable situation, needs of investors and management to make sound judgments on the current situation to form a consensus on this basis to make positive, effective working , China, or the media can be gradually turned the corner of.

First, the premise of stability, and enhance the current management team. Typically, when the company faced with such difficulties, investors and management problems because of conflicts of personnel changes. When such problems occur even more necessary to strengthen effective communication, not simply brutally enforced.

Second, adjust the incentive and evaluation mechanism, stable sales. Sales staff to give a reasonable assessment targets, not rapid depreciation, over-consumption sales growth potential, affecting the stability of the sales force.

Third, the integration of resources and platforms to clear bad assets. Sales platform that can be incorporated into the overall M & A resources to solve technical problems as soon as possible, to achieve the unity of management. M & A found that non-performing assets to ton output capacity, resulting in a greater reduction of losses.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PHOTOSHOP plug-in filter is the ultimate Dharma (2)

2. KPT 7.0 plug-in filters

First introduce the KPT 7.0 below contains nine new filters (as shown):

(1) kpt channel Surfing

KPT Channel Surfing is a deal-channel filter

It allows you to adjust all the channels can also allow you to adjust a single channel. You can apply to the Channel Blur (fuzzy), Contrast (Contrast), Sharpen (Sharpen) and Value Shift (adjust brightness) of four results. You can also adjust the intensity of these effects and transparency, and control the effects of homologous mixed-mode images.

In the Controls Panel Apply effect menu, select Value Shift Channel effect to adjust the image brightness. KPT Channel Surfing will be an image into RGB (red, green, blue) channels and the HLS (hue, brightness, saturation) channels.

Here we select the To channel Luminance (brightness) as the effect of application access.

Drag Effect amount slider to adjust the intensity of these effects

Select from the Attenuate with Saturation (saturation channel) channel as a result of dilution.

The Value at minimum drag the slider to 0% position. The gray image pixels (0% saturation) are not applied Value Shift effects.

Value at maximum drag the slider to 100% position. All solid color image pixels (100% saturation) will be in Effect amount according to your slider settings apply 100% of Value Shift effects.

Click the Presets button. Presets Library panel menu in the upper right corner of the Create new category (create a new style of type).

In the text box to enter a new category name, press the Enter key. (Here we use qiongruo).

Click the Presets Library upper part of the New preset. To enter a new default style name.

Click Add preset (to add the default style), click the OK button.

Finally click the confirmation button on the lower right corner to return to Photoshop in.


(2) KPT Fluid

KPT7 in the second filter is the KPT Fluid filter, the filter is used to simulate the brush in the liquid on the Moguo effect. Liquid flow with a great chance, is also the most casual nature of the effect of a tool, but also full of surprises.

Single from the interface point of view, relatively simple set, only on the brush size, density of the liquid velocity are set.

Brush size: used to set the brush size, the parameters of the greater size of the larger brush.

Velocity: Set the brush across the fluid velocity, the greater the parameter setting, the more complex the image changes.

Blend: used to set the viscosity of the liquid, the greater the number setting the greater mobility of the liquid.

After all the parameters to adjust the image using the mouse quickly across the preview window. Wait until the image perfectly still.

Such an unexpected effect appeared in front of you. It is not quite the magic?

Here there is a preview window below the button button similar to the play button, the color filter can also flow into a continuous process of exporting images (BMP format) or video animation (AVI format or MOV format).

Stop button: Click this button to return to the image created before the initial state of fluid effects.
Rewind button: Click and hold down this button, the image of the simulation results will be reversed back.
Continued release button: Click this button to effect the flow of the suspension will continue to track the original flow.
Pause button: Click this button to pause the flow effect.
Unicast button: Click or hold down this button, you can skip the process of playing the liquid flow.

In the Parameters panel Output Duration text box, enter the number of parameters as the time to export animation.

1, click the button next to Output open Make Movie (output film) dialog box.

2, in the Output Format (export format) menu, select AVI Movie. (You can also choose BMP Sequence or QuickTime Movie format).

3 Click Settings to select a video compression for the video settings. Here we choose Indeo_video 5.04, other optional default setting.

4, in the File Location (location of the output file) text box, enter the store file path name.

5, adjust the Size slider to set the output video screen size. Here we choose the default settings.

6, click the check mark to confirm, wait for a while, the video images can be output end.

7 Finally, click on the bottom right corner of the confirmation button to return to Photoshop in.

Random variable smear create stunning images, then what are you waiting for? (Continued)

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