Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kaspersky KIS7.0 stand-alone public celebration was held in Beijing

September 14, the world's leading information security company Kaspersky was held in Beijing KIS (ie: Internet Security Suite) 7.0 stand-alone public celebrations, added on September 6 after the new pre-empt the online issue, Kaspersky joint digital Star officially boxed products proudly. Thus, this Beishou domestic users expect a comprehensive anti-virus products started selling, and Kaspersky Lab Board of Directors, Ms. Lord 甯撼濉斾附濞?visit conference site, but also for the implementation of China's strategy to provide strong Kaspersky power.

From 1997 to 2007, Kaspersky Lab has gone through years of development history, and 7.0 stand-alone products, the successful worldwide release of its tenth anniversary of the landmark can be said to add a piece of good news. Kaspersky Kaspersky since 2004 has been Managing Director of China Zhang Lishen introduced into China, the series is now well-known anti-virus products, and brand awareness and user rate has rapidly risen to the status of domestic anti-virus industry leader.

"Kaspersky's success in China, partly to demonstrate the excellent quality of products Kaspersky widely accepted by the user, on the other hand has long insisted that 鏄庡崱宸存柉鍩?'all for the safety of users' service concept has been enjoys popular support. 6.0 Personal Edition products in the amazing results achieved, the 7.0 stand-alone version will again be beneficial integration of resources for the user's computer information security providing a full range of protection. ", Zhang Lishen so stressed.

It is understood, KI S7.0 is a stand-alone anti-virus, Kaspersky Lab team took 1 year to build carefully, in addition to the new triple protection of defense technology, that is the exact virus signature-based killing, active defense, and heuristic analysis Based on the device, but also added security features more targeted, thus, makes this excellent anti-virus products more human oriented, large and real-time update of the Kaspersky virus database will also make it more Perfect. In addition to strong performance, Kaspersky also get together next surprises, fun-packed movies handle every day.

The recent outbreak of epidemic strong domestic frequent viruses, Trojans, and worms and other malicious programs, KIS 7.0 launch, no doubt provide users with a powerful "killer." In fact, China continued to provide high-quality products, Kaspersky Lab is also being gradually will have world-class service models into the country, its Board of Directors Main 甯撼濉斾附濞?in his speech stressed that "the successful China set up the server, open 400 telephone and the establishment of the virus analysis center, Kaspersky will also establish a computer virus in China, testing centers, and strive to make China's computer virus analysis, testing, and solving the global synchronization. "

With Kaspersky explosive growth of the number of users, Kaspersky has released new products in the same time, open to all users, "Kaspersky official support forum - Kabbah owners", which is Kaspersky latest move is another localized service. Forum real-name system engineers to implement the official 24-hour online real-time Q, and set the virus sample area, the user can upload the first time the virus samples from the Kaspersky virus analysis center in China to analyze, respond more quickly the virus in China. Even more exciting is that in the forums and opening up, as long as the registered post to reach 30 points before the 10 000 members will receive one year free new products - KAV 7.0 standalone (Kaspersky Anti-Virus standalone software version 7.0)!

In the competitive Chinese information security market, Kaspersky's speed success has become an "alternative" phenomenon, but in integrating high-quality products and world-class standard of service behind and efficient distribution services for this added "help promoting agent. " Come to the scene, according to the number of stars Liu Jianhua description: "Kaspersky has no doubt a good product quality, while the number of stars to provide the online and offline two-channel distribution model will also speed up the Cikuan world-class anti-virus products and services the rate of domestic users. in 6.0 successfully issued based on the Digital Sky Jiang continue to consolidate a variety of channel resources to strive to meet each user Neng Gou Shi Dao Kaspersky anti-virus anytime, anywhere to buy products to thus achieve truly Anquan Internet's Dream. "

Field of information security in China, achieving a solid foundation, the Kaspersky comprehensive localization strategy has shown it demonstrated, and continue to receive "all for user security," the service level and all-round, multi-channel distribution concept of combination will 7.0 anti-virus products to accelerate the promotion and popularization!


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